Financial Services institutions are forced to adapt now more than ever. With the rapid changes in the financial ecosystem, institutions need to be agile in delivering features that align with what their customers want while also being cognizant of security, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Our Approach

Our DevOps Foundations Accelerator is developed with the intention of enabling a customer to effectively utilize the AWS cloud and deliver application functionality to customers quickly and efficiently. 

Vertical Relevance recommends building a solid foundation that provides infrastructure assets via self-service. This enables application teams to request AWS accounts, pipelines, environments, etc. And focus on developing business functionality. The team focuses on designing the following four key solutions. 

  1. Pipeline Foundations: A self-service provisioning framework for providing application teams with CI/CD pipelines through AWS Service Catalog.
  2. Infrastructure Foundations: A self-service provisioning framework for providing shared IT infrastructure resources through AWS CloudFormation and AWS Service Catalog.
  3. Environment Foundations: A self-service environment provisioning framework for providing Dev, QA, Staging, Prod, etc. environments to application teams through AWS CloudFormation.
  4. Dashboard Foundations: A self-service dashboard provisioning framework for providing dashboards to teams. Dashboards are used to provide visualization of cloud resource health, software deployment metrics, and security metrics depending on the team’s needs.

Vertical Relevance Cloud Consultants embed themselves and work directly with the customer’s internal teams to build out a cloud-native platform. 

Establishing a Foundation

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Phase One: Assessment & Planning Assess current state and establish epics and user story backlog, focusing on the core components of the DevOps Platform.

Phase Two: Design & Build
Execute sprints to work through backlog of epics and user stories to deliver executable code, playbooks, documentation, etc.

Phase Three: Validation
Execute simulated deployments and evaluate deployment metrics against desired KPIs.

Key Outcomes

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Framework for DevOps teams to define pipeline and infrastructure resources and provide them to consuming teams

Infrastructure is designed and built to scale through automation

Increased confidence in software releases through automated testing and pipeline

Application teams throughput and speed to production visible through dashboards

AWS Services - Management & Compute Tools

At Vertical Relevance, we believe that every organization that embarks on its cloud journey should focus on business agility and speed to market while ensuring security and compliance. With services like AWS CloudFormation, you can speed up cloud provisioning by developing infrastructure as code. With AWS Config, you can detect and then react to issues before they impact your organization. With AWS Service Catalog, you can enable development teams through self-service pipelines. With AWS Lambda, you have an extremely versatile service for connecting different systems or even building scalable and reliable applications entirely serverless.

Vertical Relevance's AWS DevOps Foundations Accelerator is comprised of prescriptive solutions that are designed, built, and maintained through services like AWS CloudFormation, provided through Service Catalog, and then checked through AWS Config. Solutions are designed with end-to-end automation, and everything is provided as self-service. 

Through the Vertical Relevance DevOps Foundations Accelerator, Financial Services institutions will be able to deliver in an agile manner and better align features to customer requests.

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