Operational Resiliency

Vertical Relevance and AWS hosted an Operational Resiliency event for executives and professionals in the financial services industry.

AWS and Vertical Relevance collaborated to host an invitation-only event on March 30, 2023, in NYC for executives and professionals in the financial services industry seeking new strategies to uncover potential weaknesses, protect mission-critical applications, and help meet regulatory requirements.

The event was designed to provide new strategies to protect mission-critical applications, uncover potential weaknesses, and meet regulatory requirements. The event discussed the changing nature of threats and disruptions and showcased the best methods to prepare for and respond to them. It also addressed the changing expectations of regulators to help operational resilience professionals prioritize their efforts. 

What you will learn:

  • How leaders in FSI are approaching resiliency 
  • How to satisfy regulatory concerns regarding resiliency and reliability
  • How to build a Resiliency Maturity Model
  • How to build resiliency design into core DevSecOps processes
  • How to disseminate Resiliency throughout your organization

Operational Resiliency Resources

The event highlighted the way threats and disruptions were evolving and showed the best methods to prepare for and respond to them. The changing expectations from regulators were addressed to show operational resilience professionals what they should be prioritizing.

Attendees heard from experts at AWS and Vertical Relevance about common resiliency use cases and the continuous resiliency journey a financial service institution can experience. The event also covered how to enable the adoption of resiliency across an entire organization to remain secure and compliant.

In the following resources, esteemed representatives from AWS, Vertical Relevance, and Global Financial Services Customers will share valuable insights on their strategies for achieving operational resiliency. The panel discussion features distinguished speakers, Krishna Sarvepalli, Global Payments, Product Engineering, and Deepak Elias, Broadridge, VP Enterprise Architecture, who will elaborate on the following aspects:

  • The systematic approach they have adopted to address and fortify operational resilience leveraging the capabilities of AWS.
  • The significant challenges they encountered during their journey towards operational resiliency.
  • The collaborative partnership they forged with Vertical Relevance and AWS to effectively align and achieve their resilience objectives.

Resiliency and Risk and Compliance Considerations for FSI

Speaker(s): Aditi Pendharkar, AWS Principal Compliance Specialist, North America Financial Services Compliance 

In this session, we will align on AWS infrastructure concepts, focus on regulatory trends on operational resilience and provide a framework of how our customers can think about operational resilience as they communicate their risk management approach to their boards, examiners and regulators.

The Resiliency Journey & Beyond

Speaker(s):  Austin McMillan, Resiliency Competency Lead and Shiv Singh, DevOps Competency Lead Vertical Relevance 

In the financial services industry, the resilience of workloads is critical. Resilience is continuous and should be thought of as a journey instead of a destination, you are never quite done. We realized that our customers are in different spots along their resilience journey, some just starting out, some further along, but we all have one thing in common, we’re all builders on this journey. Whether you’re a business executive building a business strategy or a technology leader building resilience into your applications, this session provides the key principles for each stage of the journey in building on AWS with resilience and compliance.

Operational Resiliency strategies to remain Resilient in current market – Panel Discussion

Operational Resiliency strategies to remain Resilient in current market – Panel Discussion


  • Dave Brussel, AWS Senior Practice Manager, ProServe


  • Krishna Sarvepalli, Global Payments, Product Engineering
  • Deepak Elias, Broadridge, VP Enterprise Architecture
  • Austin McMillan, SRE & Resiliency Competency Lead, VR Customers
  • Tony Politano, AWS Principal PMT, Resilience Hub
  • Eric Fish, Head of North America Financial Services Compliance at Amazon Web Services
  • Rich McDonough, AWS Senior Solutions Architect

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