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Vertical Relevance differentiates itself with over 20+ years of experience in the business advisory space. We understand the unique business problems Financial Services Institutions face on a daily basis. Vertical Relevance works for and with your company, ensuring our custom solutions and implementation approaches work within your unique culture and objectives. Our expertise in financial services allows us to turn concepts into realities through a multifaceted approach, involving end-to-end scope and scheduling, cost and quality assurance, and benchmark assessments.

Agility in anticipating obstacles allows us to develop modern solutions to modern problems arising in the fast-paced convergence of industries today. We amplify your internal capabilities by improving organizational and professional management, data collection, and business strategy to help you capitalize on new opportunities.

Building for the Future

  • Organizational Strategy & Roadmap Design

    Use a proven process-based approach to understand existing business strategies, identify the optimal future state and create processes to reach target initiatives by prioritizing recommendations across time, value and effort variable

  • Program & Outcomes Management

    Using a phase-by-phase plan that encompasses every step from initiating to closing, we cover program management across disciplines such as integration, scope, stakeholder, time, cost, quality, resource, communications, risk, and procurement.

  • Regulatory Remeditation

    We support assessments to determine root causes of compliance breakdowns, regulatory response to findings, regulatory program and project management to coordinate your remediation and response in a consistent manner, and with supporting enterprise data management capabilities.

  • Data Management/ Architecture

    We assess data sharing, quality and consistency levels across new and existing data domains in order to improve usability and simplicity.

  • Agile Requirements, User Stories, and Backlog Management
  • Quality Assurance
Building for the future

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Looking to build and operate secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient systems? We can help. With our Business Advisory service, we evaluate strategies and architectures for high-risk issues and then implement designs that can easily scale over time.

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