App Modernization

Replatform and Refactor to Drive Innovation & Maximize Customer Digital Experience

Financial Services Institutions must deliver world-class omni-channel digital experiences with high reliability to customers to stay competitive. Institutions must deliver new capabilities and features regularly to stay competitive while also adhering to strict regulatory requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) along with many others. The user experience must be second to none to ensure institutions attract and retain a seamless customer experience. Using dated and monolithic on-premises technology slows the product team from achieving these outcomes, while smaller more nimble financial technology firms seem to move quickly and take market share. The challenge becomes how do you refocus your time and energy to deliver new and ongoing digital value for customers while growing your business? 

Our Approach

Vertical Relevance partners with Financial Service organizations to maximize the digital experience of their customers and increase their pace of innovation. We do this by architecture evaluation and evolution, using re-platforming and re-factoring, and focusing on reliability, performance, agility and observability at all levels of their solutions. 

Vertical Relevance partners with our clients to perform a portfolio review of critical applications and business goals, in which they prioritize what to focus on and then review performance and reliability of all key components. The team will then identify any monoliths and targets to decompose into microservices to increase agility. Finally, reviewing and improving the observability of code to ensure full visibility of the user experience of the digital platform. 

While every financial services institution we work with is unique and presents its own business challenges, a commonality between most of our clients is the requirement of how to modernize workloads. We commonly hear questions in the App Modernization space such as: 

  • Where do we start with moving our applications to AWS?  
  • How can I move my workloads to the AWS cloud?  
  • How can we quickly take advantage of the power of AWS, without major changes to our architecture? 
  • How can I modernize my apps?  
  • How do I give my developers a self-service platform?  
  • Should I pick containers or serverless?   
  • How do we get consistent tooling and governance?  
  • How can I scale up / down quickly to react to a rapidly changing world?  
  • How can I make our solutions more reliable using AWS? 
  • How do we ensure the same level of experience can be delivered to our customers and employees across all our channels of engagement? 
  • How can we improve user experience and system performance for our critical use cases? 
  • How can we break our monolith solutions into microservices without breaking our live system?

Our Solutions

Portfolio Architecture Evaluation

Conduct well architected reviews of your Digital Platform portfolio to prioritize recommended architecture improvements aligned to your business goals.

Reliability Architecture

Evaluate resiliency in all tiers of critical functions, identify & implement architecture changes to maintain the customer experience through scaling to meet demand and responding to failure scenarios.

Performance Architecture

Evaluate performance across all tiers of critical functions, identify and implement architecture changes to maximize the customer experience.

Agility & Innovation

Identify monolith solutions, identify and implement architecture changes to evolve into event driven micro services enabling independent management, performance and resiliency.

Application Observability

Improve application tracing and application logging enabling meaningful metrics and alert to clearly understand customer user experience and platform operation.

Key Outcomes

Improved Performance
Decompose the monolith solution, minimize the latency, right size compute, and implement effective caching throughout your architecture to improve the performance.
Improved Reliability
Implement event driven micro-services that detect and automatically scale up and down on demand to ensure a reliable Digital Platform that is always there when your customers need it.
Improved Observability
Implement code observability by making application tracing and application logs available consistently to enable meaningful metrics and alerts.
Increased competitive edge through agility
Implement shorter cycle times to deliver work so you can iterate faster and respond to change in your market quicker, enabling a significant competitive edge.

Thought Leadership

Refactor to Drive Innovation & Maximize Customer Digital Experience

Financial Services Institutions must deliver world class digital experiences with high reliability to be competitive. Evaluate your current architecture and make deliberate investments to improve the user experience and observability and minimize the overhead of delivering your Digital Platform. Refocus your architecture into event driven, microservice distributed solutions that meet the needs of your customers and enable delivering new value faster.

Replatform to Improve Customer Digital Experience & Lower Overhead

Evaluate existing operations for your Digital Platform on self-managed infrastructure and identify the current overhead, scale limitations, performance limitations, and risk associated with managing your self-managed infrastructure. Identify opportunities to improve scale and performance, while minimizing your overhead and risk on moving to AWS managed infrastructure and platforms. Re-platform onto AWS managed infrastructure and enable increased focus on delivering world-class Digital experience.

Drive Financial Services Innovation

Financial Services institutions want to become more agile so they can innovate and respond to changes faster to better serve customers. Without speed, institutions begin to lose momentum which is why Vertical Relevance has developed tools and resources to accelerate your digital-first journey.

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