Accelerate innovation on AWS through Automation

Financial Services (FS) institutions need greater business agility to respond to instantly changing market conditions, leveraging technology that can help them achieve better customer experience and add operational productivity. They need to be agile in delivering application features that strongly align with their customer needs in a secure, and compliant manner. 

At Vertical Relevance, we constantly see FS organizations go through massive digital transformations to innovate and build solutions to keep up with their customer’s needs. At the core of all these digital transformations, is a constant desire to “automate everything” to improve speed, agility, and efficiency. 

DevOps brings “development” and “operations” together as a moniker for company-wide collaboration that will improve business agility: 

  • Focus on automating all aspects of the IT life cycle to reduce operational overhead 
  • Maturity of self-service model to increase speed of development and innovation 
  • Incorporate operations, security, risk & compliance, etc. Into the development process to speed up the path to production 

Our Approach

At Vertical Relevance, our DevOps teams have been a part of many FS applications’ modernization programs. We understand the dependency the business can have on their internal DevOps teams to provide the resources to app development teams to do their jobs efficiently. To address this specific challenge, our DevOps engineering teams leverage infrastructure provisioning framework and a concept of a “Self-Service Catalog” that speeds up deploying infrastructure in a secure, compliant and in a Self-Service fashion. Three main phases of our outcome-based approach include: 

  • Foundations: Design and implement the self-service platform for infrastructure using IAC 
  • Enablement: Scaling the foundations to applications teams and enabling them to leverage the foundation solutions and accelerate their development 
  • Operations: Build and support ongoing security, monitoring, auditing, and alerting 

With a long stint of delivering self-service based automated solutions, we can deliver both technical and business value in a short timeframe. While every organization we work with is unique and presents its own business challenges to solve, a commonality between most of our clients is the requirements to increase innovation while reducing risk, and accelerating time to market. We commonly hear questions in the DevOps space such as  

  • Instead of having product and business teams focused on the next feature that needs to get out to customers, how do you go about joint ownership? How to work together with tech and business?  
  • How do I stay ahead of market leading uptime?  
  • How do I get my business partners and product partners aligned to understand the reliability of products?  

We understand the business drivers behind these questions and effectively translate them into technical requirements to create designs and architectures that eventually help formulate an automated and self-servicing solution for your infrastructure and business needs.  

Our Solutions

Best Practice Guide – Network Foundations

Best Practices for Designing and Automating Scalable Networks on AWS. Vertical Relevance highly recommends that the following foundational best practices be implemented to create a sustainable AWS Network that will support an enterprise-level organization. 

Solution Spotlight – Account Foundations

The Account Foundation solution provides organizations with a simple, automated approach to managing their AWS cloud environments as the quantity and complexity of AWS accounts increase.

Solution Spotlight – Infrastructure Foundations

The Infrastructure Foundations solution enables development and operations teams to request different infrastructure products that come with all of the necessary components, integrations, and configurations. Each infrastructure product is tested and validated to comply with security and governance and is accessible through self-service. 

Solution Spotlight – Pipeline Foundations

The Pipeline Foundation solution enables development teams to request a pipeline that comes with all of the necessary components, integrations, and configurations for development teams. Development teams are able to request pipelines through self-service while also incorporating compliance and governance.

Solution Spotlight – Network Foundations

This AWS Network Foundation solution provides an opinionated, foundational set of network architectures, design considerations, automated solutions, and best practices that help our clients “quick start” their AWS journey with a strong foothold while ensuring the scalability and growth they are likely to require as their AWS footprint grows.

Key Outcomes

Provisioning infrastructure on cloud becomes tedious as cloud footprint increases. Large organizations want reduce code related technical debt that is hard to maintain over different environments and occasionally suffer from configuration drift. Automation allows organizations to create and manage catalogs of IT services through a single pane of glass. The catalog is powered by IAC where infrastructure state is maintained and updated in a secure and scalable manner.

Compliant Cloud Infrastructure
Compliant cloud infrastructure that meets your application needs.
Gain Agility and Efficiency to Drive Innovation
Quickly find and deploy multiple IT services on cloud.
Self-Service Mechanisms
Centrally manage services Lifecyle.
Version Control
Manage multiple versions for backward compatibility.

Thought Leadership

Use Case
Use Case: Automated Multi-Account Security & Governance at Scale

How a leading multinational asset management firm is leveraging AWS Control tower to automate account provisioning and configuration of guardrails to ensure agility and security at scale.

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Use Case: Self-Service Infrastructure Product Provisioning at Scale

How a leading worldwide provider of payment technology improves software delivery by providing self-service infrastructure products that are readily available to be consumed by application teams.

Case Study
Automate a Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective Network

Learn how SMBC was able to obtain and automate a secure, reliable, cost-effective network to connect their data center with its AWS VPC in order to enable the application teams to deploy and run the platform.

Case Study
Application Transformation onto AWS

Learn how Citigroup was able to deploy application onto AWS and then leverage end-toend automation.

Use Case
Use Case: Self-Service CICD Pipelines

How a leading financial services analytics institution implemented self-service pipelines to support dozens of diverse applications.

Automating the creation of Compliant AWS Accounts using AWS Control Tower for Financial Services

Learn how to automate account creation and guardrail deployment using AWS Control Tower.

Introduction to Amazon Connect at Scale for Financial Services

Learn how financial services firms can create a connected call center experience leveraging Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud.

Accelerating DevOps Delivery Through Self-Service

Productizing your DevOps deployments across an organization could be the single largest accelerator in cloud development and adoption within an organization.

Drive Financial Services Innovation

Financial Services institutions want to become more agile so they can innovate and respond to changes faster to better serve customers. Without speed, institutions begin to lose momentum which is why Vertical Relevance has developed tools and resources to accelerate your digital-first journey.

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